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Know a days server monitoring is very essential for network security. An effective monitoring system is extremely crucial for ensuring maximum uptime. There are so many services included in server monitoring such as Network connectivity, Server Disk Space, Server CPU Usage, Server Memory Usage, Web Services ( HTTP, HTTPS & FTP ) , Email Services ( SMTP, POP & IMAP ) , Database services ( MySQL, MSSQL ), DNS Services, All Log Files and many more. Today, many web services company manages so many servers with a hundred of services running on each server. Checking each service manually on one server is very difficult or you say that it is humanly impossible.

Our Companies infrastructure comprises of high availability clusters of different machine with various operating system and applications. If you want some more detail information related to our Virtual Datacenter then simple click Virtual Datacenter

In Server Monitoring we can use Network monitoring, Internet server monitoring, web server monitoring and many more.

Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring is the use of a system that continuously monitors a computer network for slow and notifies the network administrator. Network traffic measurement is also use for Monitoring the performance of a network uplink. Commonly measured metrics are response time, availability and uptime. Route analytics is another important part of network measurement which includes systems, algorithms, methods and tools to monitor the routing posture of networks. We can also check various types of Protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, DNS, SSH, TELNET, SSL, TCP, ICMP, SIP, UDP and many more.

Internet server monitoring

Internet server monitoring means the server owner always knows if one or all of his services go down. Server monitoring are two types Internal and External . Server monitoring can encompass a check of system metrics, such as CPU usage, memory usage, network performance and disk space. It can also include application monitoring, such as checking the processes of programs such as Apache, MySQL, Nginx, Postgres and others.

web server monitoring

When you monitoring a web server for potential problems, an external web monitoring service checks a number of parameters such as check proper HTTP return code. Analysis of the HTTP codes is the fastest way to determine the current status of the monitored web server.

Companies that do not have a good monitoring system are increasing the risk of potential damage caused due to service disruptions. Some undetected minor issue can turn into major issue rapidly, increasing the amount of damage caused.

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