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About Us

About HostRIGS

We strive for not to be a success, but rather to be of value. We're in the business of hosting great ideas.

With years of industry experience, we’re confident we can make even the most complex IT – simple. Our services range from VPS and public cloud to outsourcing your entire IT infrastructure. Working with you to find your ideal IT infrastructure is what we do.

HostRIGS is part of the Densder Web Services Private Limited, an international group of companies who provide professional online services to over 5,00,000 customers worldwide. Operating in the India, UK, USA, Densder leads the way in high bandwidth hosting, virtual and dedicated servers and regularly brings exciting new products to market.


1.We are Providing $1 Web Hosting
2.We are offering Unlimited Web Hosting with Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate & WordPress in Shared Hosting Package Compared to Others.
3.We are Offering Cheap Cloud Hosting with 50% OFF on Every Plan which is comparatively similar to Shared Hosting Packages
4.We are offering SSD Type of Virtual Private Servers Hosting which is Build on Cloud Based Infrastructure.
5.We also Offer Managed Dedicated Servers in which we Setup, Manage & Monitor the Complete Server 24×7 including all softwares.
6.We Offer Cheap WordPress Hosting with SSL Certificate
7.We are Offering Cheap Unlimited Re-seller Hosting Packages with Discount of 80% OFF at similar price of Shared Hosting.

Infrastructure at HostRIGS?

Service Level Agreement

We’ll take care of everything with No contracts Instant setup, Self-manage via Customer Portal, Exclusive products, Server Setup, Application Installations, Repair & Maintenance, 24/7/365 Online Support, 360 Degree Security Assistance, On Demand Monitoring.

Hosting Security

In Security Goals we maintain the Privacy, Integrity, Data Protection, Identification And Authentication, Network Service Protection & more

24 x 7 Servers Monitoring

If any server or service fails, or any resource utilization exceeds specified limits, then a notification pops-up immediately on the screen of all our Infrastructure Monitoring Staff.

Backup and Recovery

We have implemented solid solutions that allows you to protect your data in the unfortunate event of software malfunction, system failure, events of loss of data due to hacking or viruses etc.

Inside Our Data Center

We have pioneered the concept of a Globally distributed Datacenter. Our Datacenter is a globally distributed collection of redundant server infrastructure which hosts all our Products and Services.

Salient features of our Datacenter

  • Integrates hundreds of distributed servers seamlessly
  • Provides high-availability, redundancy and unmatched reliability

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Our Team

  • Nikhel Visputey
    Nikhel Visputey

    HostRIGS.com Director

  • Jennifer Cline
    Jennifer Cline

    Chief Quality Officer

  • Darrell Jones
    Darrell Jones

    Technical Head

  • Katherine Berry
    Katherine Berry

    Overseas Sales