Best 5 Ways to increase You Website Traffic

The people would arrive on my website as if by magic, purchase goods, and perhaps come back again for more. A week or so later I came down to earth with a big bump. I realized that it would take a bit of time and effort to see the results that I was expecting! Since my reality check, I have learned all about the weird and wonderful ways of internet marketing. In this article I will tell you about my top 5 free ways of increasing website traffic. All these methods are completely free and if you spend some time on them you will find that they work consistently.


Following Best 5 ways to increase your website.

1) Optimize Your Website for the Search Engines

Search engine always plays major role to get traffic for website free. If you generate to get traffic from search engine you need to do work on it and optimized your sites so that our site get rank well for your site.

SEO is very is so popular and powerful way to get traffic for free, but you should to spend some time on website by doing some offpage and onpage activity. And SEO is not so difficult if we familiar with it, just we need to spend some time for doing this and getting result as well.


2) Frequently Update the Content of Your Site

In terms of SEO content is very valuable thing. If your content is good, unique , interesting for reading then user can spend more time to your website as well as SEO purpose It is so helpful. Content should be update time to time.

You can do frequently our website by adding blogs on website and put or written article related to website. it is very helpful for getting more traffic.

3) Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Now days social networking sites are big platform to promote your sites and business. If you are popular and big friends , followers on facebook or twitter. you can easily promote you sites link to number of people. Aslo you can write small article related to your website and post it different pages on facebook page with site url it will very helpful to generate more traffic.

4) Use any chance to promote your site for free.

Free promotion is always welcome, so don’t neglect it. There are many ways to promote your site for free and some of the most popular ones include free classified ads, submissions to directories, inclusion in various listings, etc. It is true that not all free ways to promote your site work well but if you select the right places to promote your site for free.

5) Write an article related to.

Write a article related to website or product and post that article on different free promotional sites, different free blog sites.

That advantage is if anyone interested to know more about that article then he/she can easily land to your website.

There are various promotional sites like You can create videos, ppt etc. and shares it on different sites.

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