Important Feature Of A Web Hosting Company

Web hosting isn’t a decision you should make lightly. There are so many things you will count when you try to make decision of web hosting. Today there are so many web hosting company who provide hosting services to the client. There are some question you always ask to yourself when you try to make decision of web hosting.

How much data can I store?

When choosing your web hosting, your first question is “How much data can I store?” For most small and medium sites, you’ll see that few gigabytes ought to be a lot of capacity. Some Web Hosting Company may offer “unlimited storage” but don’t forget to read the fine print of  Terms and Services,  you’ll see that it’s unlimited until the point when you go over the “typical site use.”  so always sure and recognize what you can use before purchasing or run with a host that sets clear breaking points.

How much Bandwidth did you get?

What is bandwidth? It’s the measure of information that your web hosting company will give you  and your visitor to transfer and download for a specific period, you’ll often see storage capacity and bandwidth as one. For Example if your website is X megabyte of data and your monthly bandwidth is Y MB and If you utilize your Y MB data transmission your web hosting company will either not permit any more visitors, or charge you extra per MB. That is the reason some web hosting company offer unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

How Many Number Of Domains and Sub Domains We Use ?   

When you’re running multiple website, It would be a hard to need to deal with a hosting represent each website you have, so ensure your web hosting company will give you a chance to host multiple domains and once more, there will be a limit on how many domains you can have on one account. In the admin panel there is a segment for including your domains and picking which sub-folders everyone will point to.

How Many Email Accounts did I get ?   

Web hosting Company offer email account for your domains however what number of email accounts they’ll give you a chance to set up is more important, additionally check Do they have a webmail interface?, How about joining with Google for the Gmail interface? Would you be able to get your mail in your customer of decision through IMAP, or do they just offer POP?

What type of Database Support that I  get ?

Most of the Web sites have a database on the back end. Most Web hosting company offer MySQL; that’s enough for most people, but there are different option also such as  PostsgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and many more.

Did I get Frame Work Support ?  

Today most of the web hosting company offer support for popular frameworks and blogging systems. Web Hosting Company Offer one click install for WordPress or your CMS ( Content Management System ) of choice.

What type of Tech Support they give?  

Technical support is an essential part. Discover which kind of help they give to you, for example, Telephonic Support, A ticket framework?, How about a live chat? or, on the other hand they have a help email address? and, At what times? Do they have a library of assistance articles? This question are very important to choose a web hosting company until you know exactly what support they offer.  

Also know about .htaccess File

What’s a .htaccess file? It’s a setup document utilized by Apache server. You can utilize them to secret key secure indexes, re-compose URLs, divert pages, and that’s just the beginning. you’ll need the capacity to include your own .htaccess file to your indexes.

Which Language Support they give ? 

Language support is also a very important part don’t lock yourself into having PHP as your only option.

Did They give Site Backup option?   

What backup options, does your web hosting company give? You’ll need to move down both your site records and databases. On the off chance that they don’t offer reinforcement, make sense of how you’ll have the capacity to do it without anyone else’s help.

Which Operating System did I choice?  

If you’re developing in ASP.NET, or you develop with the help of windows supporting software, you’ll need Windows web hosting and If you’re using an open source language then you need Linux web hosting.

What is UP Time ?

The greater part of Web Hosting Company will extend reality a bit asserting 99.9% uptime, so ensure you see precisely what “100% uptime” implies. It would be an insightful move to seek on google and see what different clients and commentators have said in regards to the web hosting supplier.

These all point are a very important also check what type of offer they provide to you. Some web hosting company provide up to 50% discount offer. Also they give you coupon code so you get big discount on that. They provide different web hosting plan such as Cheap Dedicated Server, Free Cloud Hosting, Linux Shared Hosting, Linux VPS Hosting, Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Reseller Hosting, SSD VPS Hosting, SSD Linux Hosting, SSD Dedicated server, Managed Dedicated server, Heavy Dedicated server, High Speed Dedicated Server and so on.

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